All the gear and no idea…..!

Well, our spare room seems to be filling up with my various bits of kit. Most dusted down from the past, but some brand spanking new. All very exciting. It is surprising how much kit I seem to need just to get up a hill!

Anyway, those of you who have asked will be pleased to hear I have my sketch book and paints packed. However, I am still trying to get to grips with how I will actually do this blog while I am away, but no doubt oone of my trek / climbing partners will be able to explain to me in words of one syllable.

Now where is that map and compass?


Himalayas here I come……..

Hi, I am Steve Evison, one of the founders of Nearly Wild and Nearly Wild Camping.

This blog is a place that we will build up stories and resources to inspire each other to explore the natural world, and hopefully work to protect it. The first blog posts will probably be about some of my family and friends own mini expeditions of all sizes, to give you ideas and inspire.

The first blog is however a rather bigger trip of my own, to the Himalaya! Beyond the reach of many people I know, but it seemed right to share some of the trip with others, and so in keeping with what Nearly Wild is all about…..jointly sharing our exploration of nature and learning to live better with it……

We hope you to will join the journey and we can all share explorations to inspire.

Exploring the natural world and our relationship with it has facinated me all my life. The technologies and innovations people have developed are incredible and I find them mind blowing and facinating too, but, its always the natural world that draws me back. I also find I have a need to be out in wild places and exploring nature in all its forms. The simple act of cooking on an open fire or lying in tent liistening to the birds can for me be some of the most powerful and emotive experiences possible. Combine this with a day out watching animals in the wild or exploring a habitat I do not know very well, its hard to beat.

As well as lots of activities and trips that are and near home, I like to try and do a few big ones. Its great doing these with the family but some things are just not what we all want to do together or are just not possible. At the moment a family trip to the Himalayas would be unrealistic, but still, when the opportunity came for me to join a friends mini-expedition, it was hard to say no! So there we are, in just over two weeks I fly to Katmandu for the third time in my life ………… this time ………………heading for the high ground.