A gentle walk in local hills

After some time relaxing and catching up on e-mails and work in the morning is was off to the edge of Kathmandu for a walk in local hills.

We climbed up to a monastery and enjoyed the views from the beautiful garden, the calm inside the monastery and a welcome cool lassi drink. Then we had a couple of hours walking up and down along the ridge line, through pine woodlands and views out over the city (and unfortunately the haze).

The days excitement was to walk round a corner to find an eagle sitting on the path in front, only about 40m away. Its staggering when you see them on the ground and get a true sense of their incredible size. It soon launched and joined its partner soaring in the sky above us while we descended the forest track back down to the city edge.

It is very noticeable how much the city has expanded and areas that were paddy fields even only 10 years ago are now covered in all manner of coloured houses, slowly being built as their owners earn a little more money and build the next peice.

Back at our hotel its all that last manic gear check, bag packing and sorting and preparing for the off…… early tomorrow morning, with our flight up to Lukla.


Arrived in Kathmandu and we are enjoying having time for some quiet preparation. One day delay already, but it quite nice really as give a little time to catch up on sleep deprivation and settle in. Basically due to recent bad weather which has delayed flights in to Lukla and caused a backlog! So, its second flight in on the 16th now. Apparently this still means having to be at the airport at 5am or something similarly daft!