Off to the Outdoor Show

Steve and Arran Evison are off to the Outdoor Show in London today. Looking forward to seeing what everyone else is up to and hopefully making some new friends contacts. If you have not been before, it can be an interesting event, if perhaps a little too focused on outdoor adventure, personal challenge and gear and rather less on the Nearly Wild environments themselves and how to experience, learn about and enjoy them more.

May social gathering at Underhill Farm

Steve and Irene Evison are hoping to run a social gathering for Nearly Wild followers and those involved with Nearly Wild Camping (www.nearlywildcamping) at their smallholding, Underhill Farm ( in Shropshire. We hope to hold the event on the 14th / 15th of May. The event will be mainly social with some activities and have a go workshops, plus camping and of course a campfire if the weather is ok (If not we will light the pizza oven and enjoy the large indoor space instead!).

Irene’s Trailrunner’s Glimpse of Nature – Feeling Roman in Holybourne

Having stopped early on in my morning run to read an interpretation sign, I found out how Holybourne village in Hampshire (where I’ve been staying overnight) is on the site of a former Roman settlement, an important place on the route from London to Winchester. I then felt very Roman as I trotted along this very straight track!

Roman in Holybourne

The ‘art of exploration’…..

I have taken to trying to catch the essence of my travels and explorations in many ways over the years. Two of the main ways have been diaries and sketching. The recent weather has been quite challenging, so I have adapted my techniques and starting using some of the methods I use when I am scuba diving – waterproof paper, recycled pencil (seems to ‘stick’ to the paper better) and a plastic chopping board as a pad!


Nearly Wild…..A place for generalists…..

In a world that is constantly trying to ‘pigeon hole’ us, Nearly Wild aims to provide space for the generalists…..

How many times have I been asked, are you a climber, kayaker, birdwatcher, environmentalist, artist, permaculturalist, poet, greenwood worker, mountaineer, camper, forester, …… NO!!…………….. I enjoy all of them. I just love exploring the natural world and doing it in lots of fun ways. A natural wanderer perhaps? An explorer of the Nearly Wild? I am a generalist but with a passion for the natural world and learning more about it.

Hopefully through Nearly Wild we can find a space where as generalists we can share ideas, opportunities and socialise without having to join a particular interest group.

After all, there must be a lot of us out there……. people would hardly have survived for thousands of years by bushcraft, smallholding and other activities if we were all natural specialists!!

Just back from Edinburgh

Irene and I have just got back from a trip to Edinburgh where we saw her work, along with some amazing other pieces, in a national amateur tapestry exhibition at the National Gallery of Scotland. It was interesting to note how many of the pieces where about some aspect of the natural world. Ever inspirational for artists, nature has a lot to teach us. How many of us realise just how much we have helped to shape it?

Nearly Wild Tapestry with Irene Evison

Irene has been working hard at developing her tapestry weaving skills and currently has a piece in a national exhibition. Irene’s work focuses on ‘glimpses of nature’ and as she says herself, she is a Nearly Wild tapestry weaver.

If you are interested to hear more about Irene’s work or attend one of her courses, activities or events, then take a look at