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Just back from Edinburgh

Irene and I have just got back from a trip to Edinburgh where we saw her work, along with some amazing other pieces, in a national amateur tapestry exhibition at the National Gallery of Scotland. It was interesting to note how many of the pieces where about some aspect of the natural world. Ever inspirational for artists, nature has a lot to teach us. How many of us realise just how much we have helped to shape it?

Nearly Wild Tapestry with Irene Evison

Irene has been working hard at developing her tapestry weaving skills and currently has a piece in a national exhibition. Irene’s work focuses on ‘glimpses of nature’ and as she says herself, she is a Nearly Wild tapestry weaver.

If you are interested to hear more about Irene’s work or attend one of her courses, activities or events, then take a look at ireneevisontapestry.wordpress.com