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Just because it’s known. . . 

      . . . doesn’t mean it’s explored.

Nearly Wild seeks to enhance our understanding of our relationship with the natural world through Adventure and  Journeys of Exploration.

This helps us all get more from our time outdoors, to see the world in its multi-dimensions and not just through the 3D lens of a single activity.

It’s about JOURNEYS OF EXPLORATION into understanding our relationship with the natural world in time; space; and usage.

Journeys can be long or short; virtual or actual; spiritual or practical… but…

they all have one thing in common, then enhance our knowledge of our relationship with nature.

The result is a greater understanding, greater enjoyment and more empathy with the natural world.

Think differently, work differently, live differently… it’s eco-logic

Nearly Wild is seeking to develop a community of people fascinated by the natural world. Exploring and adventuring through it

This may include journeys using outdoor pursuits as a means of travel for adventure… climbing cliffs to see geology and fossils; mountain biking through mountain habitats; canoeing to enjoy the riparian refuge … or simply exploring through creative crafts, practising or understanding land uses, or simply observing, sometimes through art or drama.

It doesn’t matter, and in fact many of us do multiple different activities and have multiple journey’s. Be it outdoor pursuits are just another means of travel.

This site is for everyone, as much for the beginner who is starting out on this fascinating journey of exploration as it is for the experienced adventurer, artist or armchair explorer.

Welcome to the Nearly Wild… where all we do takes notice of nature.

To make it easier to find things, we have separated our site into:

Home – things to do, get involved in and consider when you are in and around home. Not all journeys need to take you to distant places (as we say; “just because it’s known… doesn’t mean it’s explored”).

Work – information, support and ideas of you work, careers and personal development

Play – where you will be able to find things to do with developing your current outdoor activities so you get more from them. Changing the 3D to multi-dimensional

Away – places to go, things to do for breaks away from home, holidays or longer periods away.

Click the appropriate tab on the header bar to find out more…

…enjoy the journey!

 Why call it Nearly Wild?

We live in a fascinating world, and whilst we may not realise it, EVERYTHING links back to nature. People are part of the natural world and it is part of us. We have changed the natural world and it has changed us. In truth, we are part of the ecological system and nothing is really truly ‘wild’ or ‘natural’; it is in fact semi-natural or, as we like to call it, Nearly Wild.

Nearly Wild is about exploring these fascinating relationships, learning from them, enjoying them, celebrating them; exploring the past, present and future.