27 December 2019

Steve Evison

Nature based business interviews - Jim, Nature's work.

We are pleased to announce we are about to start loading a set of fascinating interviews onto our Nearly Wild You Tube channel. We decided we are out and about so much, meeting some amazing people, all working for the benefit of the natural world, that we should tell you about them.

We don't really like sitting writing for ages and anyway, we want them to tell you in their own words. So, we have started interviewing some of them. Asking more about what they do, why they do it and some of the trials and tribulations along the way.

We hope you will find these interviews useful and gain ideas, help you in establishing your own nature based business or get ideas of businesses to use or visit.

Check out the first one here with Jim Langley at Natures work. Jim has also recently published a book on alpine flowers. Check it out, along with some of his other products at his online shop.

Supporting nature through people and local businesses that deliver for nature.
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