London National Park City

Today I find myself in London…

When I first heard about it, I thought, what a lot of nonsense, a National Park City.


However, since then when I have been in and around London I have been viewing it in a different way. Usually I when I come down for work I try to enjoy some time in a park, by the river or generally outdoors each day I am here. Now I find myself taking this to another level, trying to join up a walk through the city using green spaces, canals and parks. I have started looking at the pavements, the buildings, the bridges and other structures and thinking about where the resources came from, taking a closer look to try and work out what type of rock it is or even search for fossils. In short, I have started observing more actively and seeking out the natural world in the city. The result…

Its full of wildlife and green spaces. There is a fascinating array of things to find and enjoy, you just have to make a little effort and add a few minutes onto your route now and again. Right down to the geology of the buildings or what is hidden under your feet (rivers, archaeology and much more).

Take a look at the website and find out more. It’s a really interesting project, raising our awareness of what is there, ‘hidden’ inside our cities.