The Countryfile Live 2018 Tapestry

The Countryfile Live 2018 Tapestry

We were able to offer a new and different experience to the passers-by wandering past the Nearly Wild Exploration stand at last week’s Countryfile Live Show – weaving the Countryfile view!

Starting with just a clothes rail, some garden twine and a basket of wool, over 100 people got involved, and look what we created……!

There is an element of artistic licence here; we’ve left out the colourful dis

play of tractors and agricultural machinery that was actually in the foreground, but as my focus is always on weaving the natural world, I felt this was justified!

We started with the grass field stretching out in front of us. A careful examination showed that it wasn’t just a uniformed burnt-out brown, but shades and tones of camel, ecru, rust, and even a hint of green.

We then moved upwards to the trees, including a group of copper beeches on the left which gave me the chance to slip in a fun shade of purple wool into the mix.

And then finally, we wove the sky with just a few small clouds breaking up the endless blue. I deliberately chose a very intense blue, reflecting my own experience of being out in the beating heat of the sun during the four days of the show.

There are so many different ways that people can engage with the natural world, and art is just one of them. I could see how much more of the view the Countryfile weavers were observing once they sat down to have a go, but it’s not just about the art we created – lots of people commented on how therapeutic even just a few minutes’ weaving had been, and we made connections on an individual level through our mutual enjoyment of the moments of creativity.

If this has whetted your appetite, come and join Irene on a Nearly Wild Weaving experience. The next one is September 12th – 14th, at Underhill Farm, Pant, Shropshire. Email Irene directly for more information .