Gyalpo – Nepal – ‘Indigenous nature conservation’

In this interview, I chat with Gyalpo, our local guide, while on a trip to Dolpo in Nepal with Nomadic Skies (, an excellent ‘slow tourism’ provider. Gyalpo is fascinating young man with a passion for his area, his culture and nature. He has a quiet understated manner which belies his significant knowledge and depth of thinking. The more time we spent with each other, the more we settled into each others company and the more Gyalpo opened up to me and told me. This interview just touches the surface of some facinating insights into the Bon Buddhist relationship with nature. I am now working on another short film to show some of these issues, as well as other things we discussed and saw during our visit.

Along with this interview, I did another one with Nurbu Lama (who often manages the support team for Nomadic Skies), about slow tourism and its role in supporting local cultures and economy. For those wanting to know more about this type of travel, please do take a look at Nomadic Skies website.

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