How well do we sell Nature Based Businesses?

There are loads of great providers of opportunities to explore, adventure and discover the natural world.


It is hard for people to find opportunities, especially if they are new to it or they don’t know the area / location.
Over the last 2 years we have carried out numerous interviews and discussions with people in a number of countries. These have been with the public (explorers) and the people who provide opportunities, including businesses and a number of large public organisations and charities.

The messages we were told are clear!

The public:

  • Struggle to find what they are looking for
  • Find that search engines just keep showing them the big attractions
  • Often don’t know the name of places, locations or organisations, so have now idea what to search for or places to look up.
  • People don’t have time to search for hours to find opportunity and are often scared to just explore without any idea of what they will find.
  • There is no progression from what people can do at home to what they can do far away.
  • Often the opportunities are provided by completely different groups / organisations, and so moving from active involvement in nature at home to bigger trips is not always that obvious, especially for those in the middle of our largest cities.

The larger provider organisations

  • Have lots of information on websites and their own social media
  • Provide a fantastic range of opportunities
  • Almost every new grant funded project (and there are a lot of them!) sets up a new website under a new name, making the problem worse

The sole traders, part time businesses, small businesses, and nature based buisnesses

  • Struggle to find the market
  • Start-ups can’t get the support they need / that’s relevant
  • Provide a staggering range of opportunities but often only part-time or to small numbers
  • Do a lot of their work for the larger organisations because they can’t reach the general public

The result

The public (explorers) don’t find what they are looking for, the providers don’t reach new audiences or serve existing ones as well as they could, and it's hardest for the beginners or those new to getting out and exploring the natural world, the countryside or to adventure, and new eco-preneurs struggle to get going and don’t have the support they need.

Supporting nature through people and local businesses that deliver for nature.
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