Nurbu Lama – Nepal – Slow tourism

In this interview, I chat with Nurbu Lama, the expedition team manager, while on a trip to Dolpo in Nepal with Nomadic Skies (, an excellent ‘slow tourism’ provider.

Nurbu is passionate about the value of slow tourism and its role in supporting local cultures and economy. He has a wealth of experience as a local guide and expedition manager and his ability at dealing with all the needs of both his team and his tourist charges is second to none. Coming from the Humla area, Nurbu feels that genuine slow tourism, employing local people and working with and through them, could be a valuable addition to local economies like that of his home area. He does feel that this needs to develop sensitively and in tune with local people’s cultures and beliefs, working to strengthen them, rather than simply providing a quick trip through them to some promoted destination.

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I am now working on another short film to show some of these issues, as well as other things we discussed and saw during our visit.

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For those wanting to know more about this type of travel, please do take a look at Nomadic Skies website.