The future is bright, the future is Nature-Based business!

We believe responsible business and especially nature-based business have a growing future in our economy. We also believe that nature-based business provide fantastic opportunities for people to visit, learn, enjoy, explore and purchase products from the natural world.
I imagine that a situation where our trading actually took real consideration of the natural world and tried to constantly improve to minimise its negative impacts and increase its positive impacts.
Imagine if products were clear about how they help the environment.
Imagine if investors, shareholders, pension companies and other financial institutions took any notice of the natural world instead of just how good the return is. 
Imagine if consumers cared and bought based on more than cheap price and a whim.
Well, perhaps that dream is not so crazy after all. As people start to feel the negative impacts of all the crazy ways we have dreamt up to damage the natural world with our actions, there is a ground-swell of change.
So what does nature-based mean? The European Union identifies nature-based solutions (NBS) as solutions that are "inspired and supported by nature, which are cost-effective, simultaneously provide environmental, social and economic benefits and help build resilience. The Nature-Based Solutions Initiative meanwhile defines them as "actions that work with and enhance nature so as to help people adapt to change and disasters" (Quotes taken from Wikipedia).
At Nearly Wild, we therefore define of nature-based business is any activity which is nature-based and generating income. This may mean it is a nature based business or part of its income is from nature-based trading (e.g. a part time income, additional income to a charity).

Supporting nature through people and local businesses that deliver for nature.
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