Learning & Training

In short, we have done lots of stuff and we know a lot of people who know a lot of good stuff based on real practical experience!

Through Nearly Wild, Steve and Irene facilitate a range of useful training and learning resources, drawing on both our own experience, but also that of our extensive networks.

We would love all of this experience to be supporting you in working to benefit nature.

To this end we have developed a number of resources:

Interviews with nature positive businesses, summaries and analysis of our research and working examples

Direct training in practical tools, approaches, techniques and learning for better participation, co-production and general engagement in nature

Interviews with practitioners in a wide range of roles working for nature positive impacts, along with summaries and analysis of our research and working examples.

Virtual field trips joining us on our adventure exploring nature positive solutions

Workshops, webinars, training and other useful materials presented by our network of practical experts

Other stuff we thought you might find useful!

These are all available through our website, for free, for a small fee or as part of mentor or coaching support.