Mentoring & Coaching

It seems a shame to learn loads of good stuff and not pass it on! Surely all our knowledge, experience and networks can help others make a difference for nature. Mentoring and coaching others has always formed a part of what Steve has done, from taking on and mentoring recent graduates to helping others develop their business.

Based on this and following a number of requests over the last few years, Steve has decided to make this a core part of his work. Now much of his time is focused on supporting others develop their skills and impacts.

Based on demand, Steve’s mentor / support roles work in three main areas:

  • Call off advice to managers, project leads and others giving a knowledgeable sounding board outside of the organisation.
  • Practical business mentoring and advice to business leads developing nature positive businesses
  • Direct advice and training in key subjects areas. Primarily: participation and co-production; practical engagement technique and approaches; startegic engagement design for nature; developing nature positive business; strategic cross-sectoral nature positive interventions.

If you are not sure, then please do get in touch. Steve will only get involved if he really thinks he can help you. If not, he may well know others in his very extensive networks who can help and on whom you can draw, either with help form Nearly Wild or independently.

Why Steve?

  • Establishing and running a number of successful nature positive businesses (see about us for more recent examples)
  • Acting as in interim CEO or playing short term restructing roles for organisations going through transition
  • This draws on his practical experience from around the world, supporting numersou projects and organsiaions, including.
  • Advising and supporting numerous projects and contracts
  • Delivering literally hundreds of training courses, lecturing at Universities from Oxford to Stellenbosch, and developing practical training programmes for others.
  • Plenty of his own practical work and projects, right back to his early days as a nature warden, forester and contractor.