Nature at scale

Working with the individuals, projects, organisations and businesses which are delivering re-wilding/wilding/nature–friendly land management, bringing in our years of technical ecological and natural resource management knowledge to supplement and strengthen their own specialist knowledge and experience, with our particular focus on stakeholder engagement and nature-friendly business.

Joined up – cross sectoral

It’s vital that we start to work in a more integrated way. For far too long business, ecology, societal needs and wellbeing have all been treated in separate boxes. Diffirent business sectors work in isolation of each other and even conservation organisations all work independently of each other on their land. If we start to think diffeerently, work differently, build on the good stuff and join it up, we are in with a much greater chance of success. Scaling up all things that help nature and people for impact at scale.

Thinking and doing strategic

Seeing the big picture is key. We can act as a critical friend and advisor to help individuals, businesses, projects and organisations to take a strategic approach to the wilding/ rewilding/ nature friendly land management change that they are seeking. Using our own commercial, organisational and project development experience, we guide you to think about your goals, your ways of working and the significant ecological issues in a holistic way. 

Combined strength

It’s a joint effort. We support project and organisation leads to bring together the teams and relationships they need to make their wilding/ rewilding/ nature friendly land management initiative move forward. This might be helping to think about who else needs to be part of it, or facilitating a process of joint project development.

Based on sound ecological thinking

What’s the ecology? At the root of any initiative to move towards wilding / rewilding/ more nature friendly land management are the ecological systems of that land area. We work with you to ensure that the important information about the area’s ecology and your work can be shared with the people who you are engaging with, from local residents to academics, from local businesses to national agencies.

Our approach is based on a number of elements:

  • We have hands-on experience of land management ourselves (Steve has worked as an agricultural contractor, a forester, an ecologist and a conservation site warden, and has managed his own 10 acre smallholding for some years), so we hope that the ideas we bring in are based on some understanding of the realities of land management practice.
  • We know how important it is to communicate with others in a way that is meaningful to them, and have experience in creating many different sorts of information, and using the kinds of language that they can relate to. Our own Nearly Wild videos (see videos) give a sense of how we are using this medium to bring nature-friendly land management and business to a wider audience who perhaps already have an interest in the topic, and we think about what will work for a particular audience, e.g. a more technical report for an academic audience, a short image-rich leaflet for local residents, a webpage with further references/weblinks for people who want to find out a bit more.
  • We don’t think that there is a “right way” to do re-wilding/wilding/ nature-friendly land management, but rather it’s about finding the way that is right for each particular situation.