Nearly Wild resources

Written guidance, surveys, interviews, blogs, vlogs & other informative resources

Nature friendly business

Guidance, research, and general information on nature based business, nature-based supply chains, and how to run and how to support them.

Local people, local solutions

What it means to really involve and work with local business and local people for landscape scale change. Approaches for genuine participation and co-production.

Natural solutions at scale

Integrating ecological, social and economic change. Where business can help financially underpin nature (beyond grant reliance) and ecology, thought of as a connected system.

Business locator

Directory  showcasing the nature-friendly businesses of Mid Wales. Promoting nature-friendly supply chains towards supporting a nature rich countryside

Learning & Training resources

Part of our mission is to try and take learning and training to a whole new level. Raising the bar on how we work for the benefit of nature.

Case studies