Project 60

60 reflections on positive actions for nature

Ok, so I reached 60 years young this year (2022). I wanted time to reflect and consider all the positive work that has been done for nature, push back a little from the continual bombardment of negative news and perhaps, even for the most optimistic of us, the danger of feeling powerless and becoming cynical. Chatting with friends, I started to feel there was a lot could be done by sharing more of the small successes, the day to day positives, the less publicised work of positive actions.

I was not only keen to pass on some of what I have learnt about working for nature, but also to show how much positive work has bene done by so many people, many of who’s voice is not heard. I also felt that much of my story and learning is linked to others and it is actually drawing on that network that really enables me to share some interesting insights.

The result of my musings is Project 60.

To interview 60 friends and colleagues who have in many different ways worked for the benefit of nature and then to share that learning through video, podcasts and other means. It’s a big project but I have already started to test the idea and I am already finding it is energising me as well.

Check out the link here to see these recordings and some of my own resulting and emerging reflections.

Also, any of you who would be happy to chat with me and share your experience too, please do get in touch. I would love this to develop into something bigger.

Let’s build some positive energy for real practical actions nature.