Prem – Nepal – Project 60 Interview

Permaculture, sustainable agriculture, natural resource management and experienced project evaluator. Prem is a real eco-preneur from Nepal, now runnihg his own consultancy as well as chair for a national permaculture network he established. Prem has a wealth of experience including a number of years working for Practical Action in Nepal ( ).

A Nearly Wild Project 60 interview with my friend Prem Bahadur Thapa, carried out during a recent trip to Nepal (2022). Prem has a wealth of experience in development projects and permaculture for which he has a real passion. Here we discuss how he got involved in this work and how more natural ecological approaches to agriculture and permaculture can play an important role.

Prem is the Founder, Director, CEO at Resource and Change Management / Nepal Permaculture Group and studied at the Permaculture College Australia. He worked for many years at Practical Action Nepal amongst other places.

You can find out more about Prem and his work at

Practical Action is a charity working in ‘overseas development’, with whom I have worked on consultancies in the past and for whom you can find more here