What we do

We’re working with the organisations, businesses and individuals that want to make their work as nature-friendly as possible to equip them with some of the knowledge, tools and confidence that will help them along their journey to being even more nature-friendly.

Our work is structured around three themes:

People – participation in wilding / re-wilding / nature friendly land management.

Providing advice, techniques and help to projects, organisations and businesses that want to get people properly engaged and involved in wilding/re-wilding/nature friendly land management.

Product – nature-friendly business

Working with agencies, organisations and projects to map the nature-friendly businesses operating in their area, and to understand more about how the local nature-based business economy works and what can be done to make it stronger.

Place – nature-friendly landscape

Working with the individuals, projects, organisations and businesses which are delivering re-wilding/wilding/nature–friendly land management, bringing in our years of technical ecological and natural resource management knowledge to supplement and strengthen their own specialist knowledge and experience, with our particular focus on stakeholder engagement and nature-friendly business.

We do this in the following ways:

  • We work collaboratively with you, as part of your team or in some form of partnership.
  • We provide a base of information and learning materials, available from our website and our YouTube channel (Nearly Wild channel )
  • Hosting directories which list and promote nature-friendly businesses and their services/product.
  • Carry out research to provide learning and evidence, which can then be used to inform future work to support nature-friendly business support and wilding/re-wilding/nature-friendly land management, and to promote the services and products of nature-friendly businesses. E.g. our current Arwain-funded project in Powys to map nature-friendly businesses in the county, and to publicise these businesses through an online directory.

We are trialling a new tool to enable businesses and organisations to benchmark the way in which they are nature-friendly, and to give pointers on how to improve. The Nearly Wild Nature Diamond uses a variety of criteria that we have developed, which will be further refined as a result of the current trials.


Supporting nature through people and local businesses that deliver for nature.
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