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Natural places, Natural business

Supporting nature through people & local businesses that deliver for nature

We do this in three ways:



Finding, connecting and marketing the development of business-driven solutions to support local wildlife and nature.



Bringing people together to genuinely co-design local approaches which deliver nature friendly solutions.



Supporting  approaches which deliver nature friendly solutions at scale, from wilding to naturalised production systems.


Interviews, vlogs, short films & written resources

Nature friendly business interviews, supply chain development & resources.
Participatory techniques & approaches for developing a truly co-productive approach.

Approaches to deliver nature solutions at scale – from rewilding to naturalised production systems.

What we do

  • Provide ‘Do’ancy (so much more than ‘consult’ancy).
  • Develop information resources.
  • Map nature-friendly business, supply chains and markets.
  • Help develop innovative business solutions (e.g. Nearly Wild Camping).
  • Design genuine joint processes.
  • Support cross- sectoral, strategic change for nature based processes.

Why we do it

Because we believe that for nature to thrive, we need to work with and through local people. We need to build on what works, find locally appropriate solutions and not rely on grants alone. Real business solutions must play a significant role in finding truly long-term solutions. And above all, natural and naturalised processes must underpin sustainable resource use.

Who we are

Nearly Wild is a small, passionate, and experienced practical team of ‘doers’. Set up by Steve and Irene Evison, each with over 30 years’ experience from around the world, working in natural resource management, organisational development and community development. 


Our film making and support as well as outdoor adventurer, mountain biker and photographer.


Geography practitioner,  engagement specialist, researcher, utrarunner and tapestry weaving artist.

Nature Friendly Business Locator

Take a look at our business locator for examples of nature friendly products and services 

Directory  showcasing the nature-friendly businesses of mid Wales (not just businesses that happen to be in the area). 

Promoting nature-friendly supply chains towards supporting a nature rich countryside.

Nearly Wild Communities

In response to requests from people within our extensive networks and people we are working with, Nearly Wild is hosting peer to peer sharing and learning, a range of speakers and updates on practical case studies and examples.  We do this through a combination of online events supported by online communities. These are so much better than Facebook groups as they are easier to navigate, the algorithms don’t manipulate what you see, we can provide lots of additional content, and they are more secure. You can learn more about these here:

Nearly Wild Generator / Imaginarium

The space that brings nature innovators together to make things happen.

Nature Benefitting Enterprise Community

Community for anyone trading for the benefit of nature (including groups & organisations that trade).

Nearly Wild Weaving Community

Connecting tapestry weaving, weavers and nature.

Learning & Training resources

Part of our mission is to try and take learning and training to a whole new level. Raising the bar on how we work for the benefit of nature. If you are interested to hear more about our free and paid Master Classes and learning resources, please take a look here.

Examples of our work

Scottish Soil Association

Summit to Sea/O’r Mynydd i’r Môr

Festival of Outdoor Learning