Natural places, Natural business

Supporting nature through people & local businesses that deliver for nature

We do this in three ways:



Finding, connecting and marketing the development of business-driven solutions to support local wildlife and nature.



Bringing people together to genuinely co-design local approaches which deliver nature friendly solutions.



Supporting  approaches which deliver nature friendly solutions at scale, from wilding to naturalised production systems.

Latest news and forthcoming events

Nature Benefitting Business Locator.
Our Nearly Wild Business Locator is going LIVE on March 4th. If you have a business that works for the benefit of nature then make sure you add a FREE listing.
See the locator.

Mid Wales Nature Friendly Business Event.
Mid Wales event for nature friendly business and organisations with an interest in green economies, green and nature benefitting business, foundational and and circular economies.
We hosted an online seminar / event with a number of interesting Welsh based nature based business speakers.  The videos below give more information on the event. We will be sharing the event recording and supporting information soon... Watch this space!
The following 4 videos explain more about this networking event.


Interviews, vlogs, short films & written resources

Nature friendly business interviews, supply chain development & resources.
Participatory techniques & approaches for developing a truly co-productive approach.
Approaches to deliver nature solutions at scale - from rewilding to naturalised production systems.

What we do

Provide ‘Do’ancy (so much more than ‘consult’ancy).
Develop information resources.
Map nature-friendly business, supply chains and markets.
Help develop innovative business solutions (e.g. Nearly Wild Camping).
Design genuine joint processes.
Support cross- sectoral, strategic change for nature based processes.

Why we do it

Because we believe that for nature to thrive, we need to work with and through local people. We need to build on what works, find locally appropriate solutions and not rely on grants alone. Real business solutions must play a significant role in finding truly long-term solutions. And above all, natural and naturalised processes must underpin sustainable resource use.

Examples of our work

  • Developing the Nature-Based Economy of Powys

    Design and delivery of a pilot project funded by Arwain to map nature friendly businesses in Powys and to test out ways to provide support which helps to strengthen this sector of the local economy.
    Copyright @ Steve Evison.
  • Summit to Sea/O’r Mynydd i’r Môr

    Advisory and strategic development support to help re-focus this Mid Wales based project to ensure it is locally relevant and appropriate. 

    Work has included developing a more locally relevant and cross-sectoral strategic approach; developing more cross-sectoral, strategic monitoring and evaluation; engagement review and advice; and considering greater integration of nature friendly business and local supply chain support. 
    Copyright @ Ben Porter  
  • Kent Wildlife Trust

    Working with our colleagues at Resources for Change to advise an exciting wilding project with Kent Wildlife Trust and the Wildwood Trust within the Blean woods in Kent.
    Copyright @ Vicky Aitkenhead.
  • Small Woods Association

    Design and delivery of the Woodland and Wellbeing training course, introducing participants to the concept of linking people’s wellbeing to the wellbeing of the woods themselves. Using interactive and hands-on work, and woodland-based informal presentations.
    We are also working with the Association on a number of other training courses and events.
  • Natural Resources Wales

    Creation of a cartoon infographic map of Newborough Nature Reserve, showing the key ecological sites and land management areas. Intended as an innovative way to raise users’ awareness and understanding of the value of the site, in nature terms.
    Copyright @ Steve Evison 
  • Natural England and partners

    Creation of a cartoon infographic map of Hoveton Great Broad, explaining the planned activities of the Hoveton Great Broad Restoration Project. Now being used by the project team in their information materials for the general public.
    Copyright @ Steve Evison 
  • Soil Association for Scotland 

    Our work with Soil Association for Scotland is just one example of providing direct training to those supporting landcape scale change with and through local people. The organisation has been running a coaching programme for landscape leaders ranging from local landowners, those working with natural resources,  charities and others who are trying to lead change within their community. As part of this, Steve delivered a training session on community engagement. This has since led to Steve being asked by some participants for follow-up one to one support.
    Copyright @ Steve Evison.
  • Festival of Outdoor Learning

    Delivery of workshops to participatnts at this popular Institute of Outdoor Learning event run by Lindley Education Trust. 

    We have run workshops on the 'art of exploration ' (using art as way of encouraging observation and learning about nature outdoors) and using participatory techniques for teaching outdoors.

    Copyright @ Steve Evison.
  • Various outdoors and bushcraft events

    Workshops, stage talks and ‘have a go’ activities focussed on using art and creativity to connect people with nature. Including The Bushcraft Show, The Wilderness Gathering, the National Trust’s Top of the Gorge Festival, the Scout Association’s Beauregard Camp, Fandango Farm Festival, and Countryfile Live.

    Copyright @ Steve Evison.

Who we are


Ecopreneur & natural resource manager with a passion for nature, adventure and the art of exploration.


Geography practitioner,  engagement specialist, researcher, utrarunner and tapestry weaving artist.
Nearly Wild is a small, passionate, and experienced practical team of 'doers'. Set up by Steve and Irene Evison, each with over 30 years' experience from around the world, working in natural resource management, organisational development and community development. 
They have also developed and run a number of successful businesses, including Resources for Change (a specialist engagement consultancy) and Nearly Wild Camping (a member owned wilder camping co-operative). 
Through Nearly Wild, they deliver very practical support to those working to develop an economy which works better for nature and wildlife, and therefore also for the people running the businesses and the people buying their products and service.


Researcher, designer, artist, mountain biker and gardener.


Our IT advisor as well as an environmental consultant, carbon reduction specialist, sailor and explorer.


Our film making and support as well as outdoor adventurer, mountain biker and photographer.


Our senior researcher, as well as smallholder, potter and country crafter.

Nature Friendly Business Locator

Take a look at our business locator for examples of nature friendly products and services 
Copyright @ Ben Porter  


Directory  showcasing the nature-friendly businesses of mid Wales (not just businesses that happen to be in the area). 
Promoting nature-friendly supply chains towards supporting a nature rich countryside.

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Supporting nature through people and local businesses that deliver for nature.
Copyright © 2020 Nearly Wild
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